Staff and Students from UON are invited to join CSIRO for the first ever Solar Hackathon on Friday 8 April and Saturday 9 April 2016 at the CSIRO Energy Centre Newcastle, home to solar innovation and research.

16-0099_EF_Hack the Sun_A4-imageYou will have the opportunity to team up with cutting-edge developers, creative designers and strategic business minds to help create innovative solutions to spread the solar message. You don’t have to be a solar expert to join as you will have access to CSIRO mentors and experts to help bring your idea to life.


You can bring your own ideas around solar or here are some ideas that you may want to work on:

  • The way people use energy is influenced by air-conditioning, solar systems, electric vehicles and batteries. To avoid electricity system upgrades and overloading, identify a low cost solution to accurately predict energy use and to manage demand – taking in to consideration energy, weather and demographics. Create a consumer engagement strategy for your solution.
  • Create solar power estimations and identify cost savings for a potential PV buyer considering the roof area, orientation and generation profiles. Determine the likely load profile of a particular house using publicly available data.
  • Identify a low-cost cleaning solution for large numbers of tightly packed solar PV systems or heliostats (computer-controlled mirrors that keeps the sun reflected on panels).
  • Concentrated solar thermal (CST) can be effected by external weather factors such as wind. Create an application or tool that can be attached to the heliostat mirrors to measure and track movement, increase performance assessment and improve energy yield. Options could include optical cameras or photodiodes.
  • Create a creative marketing campaign to increase public awareness of the benefits of solar energy. This can include PV, CST and flexible PV.
  • Solar panels can underperform or produce less energy under high temperatures. Explore methods to cool solar panels for better energy output.


Head to the CSIRO website for further information and to register for the event.


Natalie Kikken
CSIRO – Energy
T: +61 (0) 249606179

Please note: All information supplied by the CSIRO.