Project Description

SHED-IT is an innovative, evidence based program teaching men how to adopt a realistic and sustainable approach to weight loss – without having to eat like a rabbit or give up beer.

A Credible, proven weight loss program for men SHED-IT

SHED-IT (Self-Help, Exercise, Diet & Information Technology) has been developed by a team of experts in weight loss, exercise physiology, physical activity, psychology and nutrition from the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition, led by internationally-renowned obesity expert for men, Professor Philip Morgan.

SHED-IT has been tailored to the psychology and physiology of men, tested in many years of research and improved in response to the feedback from thousands of men who have successfully used the program.

What is SHED-IT?

SHED-IT is a low-cost 12 week program designed specifically by men, for men.

SHED-IT provides a resource package with everything you need to effectively lose weight and keep it off (SHED-IT Weight loss Handbook, SHED-IT Weight loss Log Book, CalorieKing™ User Guide, Pedometer and Tape measure). Weekly SMS’s targeting key program messages assist with motivation and keeping men on track.

There are no group sessions, weekly meetings, restrictive diets, ongoing payments, pills, potions or fads.

We know that men can lose weight without giving up the things they love. We understand that you still need to enjoy life’s luxuries, like a cold beer, a burger or some hot chips every now and then.

Proven weight loss benefits of SHED-IT

SHED-IT is easy to use and has delivered outstanding, sustained weight-loss results in rigorous randomised controlled trial testing, with men who use the program as recommended losing almost 10kgs after the 12 week program (4-5kg on average). These results are comparable with intensive weight loss programs that require multiple face-to-face sessions.

Additional proven health benefits

  • Reduced waist circumference, percent body fat and visceral fat area
  • Improved resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved depressive symptoms and quality of life
  • Reduced risky alcohol behavior
  • Improvements in erectile dysfunction
  • Improved dietary behavior

Sustained weight loss results

A recent study looked at the long term success of men who had lost weight using the SHED-IT Program. On average, the men lost 7.4 kg in the first 3 months. Three years later, the average weight loss was still 4.4 kg, even though they received no additional support.  To put this in perspective, these results are comparable to those in a recent U.S. study, where participants received 20 face-to-face sessions during weight loss and 12 follow-up consultations after the program had finished (Svetkey, 2008).

For more information about SHED-IT research click here

Who can use SHED-IT?

SHED-IT is perfect for men looking to drop a few kilo’s and keep it off for the long term.

For men with additional health problems or those requiring extra motivation and support, SHED-IT is ideally suited to be delivered under the guidance of health practitioners (e.g. physiotherapists, dieticians, exercise scientists, GPs).

How to access SHED-IT

An online version of the SHED-IT program is currently available for sale through Diabetes WA:

Newcastle Innovation is seeking additional partnership opportunities with health service providers to licence the SHED-IT program for wider distribution.

For more information please contact Newcastle Innovation.