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Stone dust chemical looping for fugitive methane abatement

As coal being extracted from underground coal mines, methane gas is released into the atmosphere directly through the ventilation systems. Such fugitive emissions of methane also contribute to climate change and methane is estimated to be 25 times as potent as CO2. Coal mine methane emissions are mainly of two types: Drainage gas consists of read more

Large scale oxy-fuel combustion

Oxy-fuel combustion and a number of other technology options form a broad portfolio of innovative technology commonly referred to as Low Emission Coal Technologies. Approximately 70% of the future cuts in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are estimated to be due to implementation of these types of technologies. Oxy-fuel combustion is particularly attractive because of read more

Organic solar cell

Organic solar cells, also known as Organic Photovoltaics or Polymer Solar Cells, have the potential to revolutionise global energy production. Silicon based Photovoltaic (PV) models are well established in both domestic and commercial electricity generation applications. While the unit cost of silicon PV has been reducing (e.g.) thin film technology), the technology is commercially attractive read more