The University of Newcastle’s Outside Work policy describes the obligations of staff members in relation to managing, declaring and seeking approval for work that is outside their role with the University.

The policy is in place to both protect the interests of the University and to assist staff to manage their obligations and employment relationship with the University.

If you are currently engaging in Outside Work or if you are planning to engage in Outside Work it is important that you read and understand the policy.

Outside Work Policy


The University of Newcastle recognises that it can be advantageous for staff to engage in a limited amount of outside work where such work can enhance a staff member’s skills and knowledge, disperse their knowledge and professional expertise and/or establish beneficial relations between the University and the community.

It is also recognised that outside work by staff members can create risk or cost to the University if not appropriately managed. Outside work must be undertaken in a way that appropriately addresses the risks associated with such arrangements and ensures that staff members meet their obligations to the University.


This policy applies to all University staff members.

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Any questions should first be directed to your immediate supervisor.

The policy owner is the UON’s Director, People and Workforce Strategy.